Phantom Quadcopter 4S Lipo Modification

Decided to try out a 4s 2250 lipo in the Phantom.

It requires making the door way larger,  its a tight fit but it works.

Gives me  8 minute flight with the Tarot gimbal and a small 3S lipo driving the gimbal. Cells have 3.7 volts left so could maybe get 9 mins out of it.

You need to log into your DJI software and set the battery alarm to 4S.

You cannot drive gimbals with this 4S battery, you need to add a samll 3s Lipo.

My little Phantom is still on Version 3.00 and don’t plan to update the firmware any time soon.

Do this at your own risk 🙂



  1. Rotopix says:

    If you flew flat out for the entire flight over many flights you may have a problem but mine has not missed a beat. Yes the NAZA module can take4S no problems.

  2. suleyman says:


    In Phantoms dodumentations they clearly says that ESC’s not support 4s.

    So i am planning to replace ESC. But i still wonder the power read module (the green PCB) support 4s? Have you measure the output of power unit which supply voltage to Naza. You could be over voltaging the Naza..

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