How to setup a Naze32 Acro / Funfly Flight Controller

==Update 2/16== KV OSD Setup guide HERE…

*** watch on a computer so you can see the annotations!

*** Another big update – in the time since I’ve recorded this video – GPS_HOME and GPS_HOLD flight modes have been added. I’m going to let that sink in for a moment …


This was a special request from some of the new pilots flying with us. We’re in the process of building out more than a dozen micro FPV quadcopters and will be using the Naze32 controllers to run the rigs.

Don’t let the length of the “guide” fool you – this is a stupid simple board to set up if you can follow directions. You can get a multi flying in less than 5 minutes if you know what you’re looking for.

If you decide to skip ahead or skip over any of the safety warnings – please remember:

*** TAKE YOUR PROPELLERS OFF *** while working with the rig.

You’ve been warned.

0:22 Commentary
4:00 Hardware Overview
7:00 Pin Assignments
19:00 CPPM Connections example
21:45 Accelerometer Calibration – Initial setup
23:24 Magnetometer Calibration
24:20 Magnetic Declination Offsets
25:45 CLI Overview – enabling / disabling “features”
29:55 Radio/Receiver Setup
25:25 Auxiliary Configuration – setting flight modes
38:12 Motor/Servo Outputs Test Tool
40:35 Calibrating all 4 ESCs simultaneously using mincommand
42:40 Commentary, CLI redux, mixer, map & set commands
47:00 PIDs
48:20 Where to buy

CLI Parameter definitions and their suggested settings can be found here:…

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