Taranis Plus Radio Set Up FPVFreerider Win 8 64bit

Here is how I set up my Taranis Plus radio to play FPVFreerider on my Win 8 64Bit computers. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Rotor…

FPVfreerider Simulator Carpark Taranis Radio Quadcopter

Another fang in the car park with FPVfreerider hooked to my Taranis radio. Win 8 64Bit 17 inch MSI gaming Laptop

FPV Freerider Carpark Run Simulator Taranis Radio

First fly with my Taranis in the carpark mode on my 17 inch Win 8 MSI laptop 🙂 You need a dedicated graphics card, integrated one will not cut it. http://fpv-freerider.itch.io/fpv-freerider