Corrosion X – HD Mini Quadcopter Underwater Test

After crashing the mini 250 into some water, I decided to get some of this Corrosion X to try. Here is a little test with my Ladybird. Works pretty good. 🙂

Taranis Plus Radio Set Up FPVFreerider Win 8 64bit

Here is how I set up my Taranis Plus radio to play FPVFreerider on my Win 8 64Bit computers.…

Taranis Plus Hexacopter FrSky D4RII RSSI Telemetry REVO

Quick look at RSSI with the Taranis and the FrSky D4RII RX Cool Radio 🙂

Xiaomi Yi Versus GoPro 3 Black Hexacopter Action Camera

Here is a simple fly with the cheap Xiaomi Yi action camera against the rather expensive the GoPro 3 black on my mini Heaxacopter. The Sony sensor in the Xiaomi Yi seems to have little bit more dynamic range and the sky was more its natural look. Image quality is right up there with the […]

FPV RunCam Flight Camera Quick Look

Quick look the the Runcam FPV flight camera.

Quadzombies QUADI 250 Mini Quadcopter

Quadzombies QUADI 250 Mini Quadcopter

QUADI 300 3S 2800 Lipo Indoor Hover Test Trying out the 3S 2800 lipo on the back of the QUADI 300. Not touching the throttle. Camera in my left hand, right hand controlling QUAD direction.

The QUADI 300 FPV Mini For The GoPro3 Here is a quick over view of the QUADI 300.

Phantom 2 Vision Radar/Find Me/Range Test

In this Video I try out some of the other features that have not been shown yet, This includes the cool radar feature and the “Find My Phantom Vision” feature. I also show what happens when you’re Phone runs out of battery haha.. Buy a DJI Phantom vision here:… My info:

5.8GHz for FPV RC planes

If you’re thinking of getting into the FPV flying of RC model planes then you need to watch this video and learn all about the 5.8 GHz video systems that are on the market. Why 5.8GHz instead of the other frequencies that can be used? Well here’s a list of pro’s: – it’s small and […]