Tweaker 180

Tweaker 180 latest settings.naze 32-Betaflight-Luxfloat-LittleBees-4inchTriples  

Corrosion X – HD Mini Quadcopter Underwater Test

After crashing the mini 250 into some water, I decided to get some of this Corrosion X to try. Here is a little test with my Ladybird. Works pretty good. ūüôā

How to setup a Naze32 Acro / Funfly Flight Controller

==Update 2/16== KV OSD Setup guide HERE… *** watch on a computer so you can see the annotations! *** Another big update – in the time since I’ve recorded this video – GPS_HOME and GPS_HOLD flight modes have been added. I’m going to let that sink in for a moment … This is a […]

Futaba T8J Naza Quadcopter Setup

Futaba T8J Naza Setup. Here I show how you can have the T8J 8 channel radio assign to 9 functions with the NAZA.

Yaw Modification HT FPV Brushless Gimbal Flight Redlynch Cairns Queensland

In this video I show my YAW mod to the HT FPV rear motors and then take you for a FPV flight around one of my local parks. Sit back and enjoy the flight. music by Artist: Avenir Song: Noveuron Genre: Electro House *If you use this song in any of your videos, you […]

Quadcopter Buzzer Locator F2 Port Naza Lite Using Sbus

Sbus with the Naza is great but its hard to use up the extra RX channels. So here I turned on the gimbal in the software and plugged the locator buzzer into the F2 port of the NAZA lite. Perfect now when I land in a tree of tall grass. Got the Parts to build […]

DJI Phantom Manual Pitch Setup for ARRIS CM2000 Brushless Gimbal Part 2

This is a how to on installing the the 3 pin harness running from the ARRIS CM2000 Brushless Gimbal to the Naza Controller on the DJI Phantom in order to control the manual pitch of the gimbal from the “7th” channel on the back of the stock Phantom Transmitter. Also there is an overview on […]

DJI Phantom quadcopter potentiometer hack for gimbal pitch control

I followed Paul Wags and Allan’s instructions here:¬†…¬†and here:¬†…¬†echeng130704_012604 More information can be found here.¬†Eric Cheng

TRD Beholder Lite Go Pro 3 Brushless Gimbal Assemble Video

TRD Beholder Lite Go Pro 3 Brushless Gimbal Assemble Video for the Phantom Quadcotper.