5.8GHz for FPV RC planes

If you’re thinking of getting into the FPV flying of RC model planes then you need to watch this video and learn all about the 5.8 GHz video systems that are on the market.

Why 5.8GHz instead of the other frequencies that can be used?

Well here’s a list of pro’s:

– it’s small and light
– the antennas are small, light, robust and efficient
– it’s unlikely to interfere with other services
– it won’t interfere with your RC system
– it’s widely available

However, the best thing you can do with a set of “store bought” 5.8GHz gear is simply throw away the black stick-type antennas that come with it and invest in some circularly polarized clover-leaf or skew-planar antennas. This will vastly improve your FPV experience.

So what family of 5.8GHz FPV is best for you?

Well the Immersion/Fatshark system integrates very nicely with the Fatshark range of video glasses to produce a very neat, compact ground-station setup that is fully self-contained within the glasses themselves. Note however, that there is a SkyRF receiver now available for the FatShark Dominator glasses which will allow you to do the same using the SkyRF-based transmitters and Fatshark glasses — however this doesn’t work with other Fatshark models such as the Attitude or BASE ones.

The SkyRF-based systems have a separate receiver that will plug into any video glasses but can also be used with the FoxTech video glasses (which I do not have) in the same way as the Fatshark transmitters work with some FatShark glasses.

Both systems work — but there is no compatibility because of the different frequencies used. Personally, I use the SkyRF-based systems but if the new Fatshark/Immersion receivers are as good as they say, I may change. Stay tuned for the review.

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